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LiveableLimerick promotes, organises and assists with events that contribute to the values and principles we hold dear – utilising the space and attractions of our culturally rich city.

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Light up Limerick!


The magic of Christmas will descend on Limerick’s O’Connell Street on Sunday 18 November when the Christmas lights are officially switched on and O’Connell Street Charity Xmas Dash.

Limerick campaigner Vicky Phelan and family will be the Mayor’s guests of honour at this year’s spectacular Light Up Limerick event marking the start of the Christmas season.

They will be joined by Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Frozen to officially transform the city into a magical wonderland on Sunday 18th November 2018.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the Light up Limerick event organised by Limerick City and County Council, which takes place on O’Connell Street from 4.30pm.

Join the team from Liveable Limerick for fun, short runs along O’Connell Street to warm up before Light Up Limerick (12pm – 3pm). Events include Mr. & Mrs. Claus’s, a celebrity dash, wheelchair dash and sack race.

Event Details and Proposed Road Closure

Limerick City and County Council will be closing O’Connell Street from the Junction of William Street to Junction of Mallow Street for the switching on the of the Christmas Lights from 9am to 9pm. The O’Connell Street Charity Xmas Dash will take place from Junction of Thomas Street to Roches Street from 12pm to 3pm.


The O’Connell Street Charity Xmas Dash will take place from Junction of Thomas Street to Roches Street area edged Red.


Participation by members of the public is estimated to be approx. 200 people. The participation profile is likely to comprise mixed, family groups.


Road closure by Limerick City and County Council at 9am. Race set up will commence after 10am. Members of the public are invited to attend between 12pm and 3pm.

Race Schedule:

Race 1: Celebrity Race.

Race 2: Seniors Race.

Race 3: Children’s Races (Parent and Child Age up to 6, Age 7 to 9, Age 10 to 12).

Race 4: Student (Secondary Students, College Students).

Race 5: Wheelchair Race.

Race 6: Mr. & Mrs. Claus 3 Legged Race.

Statement of Health, Safety and Welfare Policy:

It is the view of the organisers of xmasdash that the event is to be planned and implemented in the safest possible manner. We recognise the rights of all persons to be free from harm, injury and ill-health as a result of the event. Resources in terms of volunteers will be available to achieve our aims.


This event is supported by Limerick City & County Council & Liveable Limerick

  • John Moran
  • Ailish Drake
  • Nicola McMahon


Appropriate insurance organised by #liveablelimerick for xmasdash participants and volunteers, overall event insurance by Limerick City and County Council.

  • Public Liability €6,500,000 Any One Event.
  • Products Liability €6,500,000 Any One Event.
  • Period Employers Liability (Including cover for volunteers) €13,000,000 Any One Event.

Crowd Management:

  • Limerick City and County Council are in charge of crowd management for the event.

Street Closure:

  • Traffic department at Limerick City and County Council are in charge of all aspects of street closure and traffic management.
  • Traffic barriers will be used to identify street closure.
  • Local businesses and Residents are aware of the event and some are participating.


  • Limerick City and County Council are in charge of waste management for the event.


Previous Events

Street Feast was held on Catherine Street on Sunday the 10th June 2018. Catherine Street was closed between 2 and 5pm to make it a family friendly event.

A street feast is simply having a picnic with your neighbours.

#liveablelimerick is a social movement of volunteers who love their city.

Yes to #liveablelimerick is ABOUT engaging for:

1)   Long term Ambition:  Creating a long term ambitious vision for a greener and cleaner Limerick and successful Mid-West region

2)   Desirability and Fun: Making Limerick city centre the most desirable, safe and fun place to live, work, shop and visit.

3)   Inclusion: Cherishing and engaging all communities old and new, urban and rural, people of all ages and abilities.

4)   People Focused:  Designing best-in-class public realm and urban mobility strategies for all who use our city not just those who drive in cars.

5)   Valuing our Heritage: Enjoying our world class built heritage and protecting it for future generations.

As we say in Limerick – to the brave and faithful nothing is impossible’

But it is not enough that it is others who are the bold and faithful ones, while we stand idly by.

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